Humankindness Gala

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The Humandkindness Gala is an annual event by Dignity Health Foundation where we honor and celebrate the power of humanity, the power of hope, and the power of healing.

The inaugural Humankindness Gala took place at San Francisco City Hall on May 19, 2016 where nearly $1.1 million was raised to support three vital initiatives: Human Trafficking, Concussion Education and Awareness, and Maternal Mood Disorder (also known as Postpartum Depression).

The event returned to city hall in 2017, raising nearly $1.4 million to continue supporting these core initiatives, while also helping the foundation look toward the future and expand its mission to help the most vulnerable in our communities. 

The Humankindness Gala raises important funds for Dignity Health Foundation, a public, charitable foundation that was created to help solve major social issues and address health disparities facing our communities. In partnership with Dignity Health, California’s largest health care system, the foundation supports investments in people that help them live with dignity.

For information on how you can support or attend next year's gala, visit our donation page or contact event's manager, Ellie Levine

Gala Impact

Human trafficking victims suffer from serious medical and mental health issues ranging from physical and sexual abuse to malnutrition and post-traumatic stress disorder. Yet a 2014 study found that 88 percent of trafficking survivors had contact with the health care system but were not identified as victims. 

At Dignity Health, we aim to change that. Learn how supporting the Humankindness Gala can empower victims and inspire hope for a safer world.

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