Memorials and tributes

Learn how you can honor someone special through a memorial or tribute gift to Dignity Health Foundation.

Honor Someone Special 

Through a memorial or tribute gift you can give joy and comfort to the recipient while at the same time helping Dignity Health continue to create healthier communities. And tribute or memorial gifts are tax deductible as provided by law. 

If you would like to discuss making a memorial or tribute gift, please contact the foundatino at 412.438.5653 or send us an email.

Tribute gifts

A tribute gift is a wonderful way to celebrate a birth, anniversary, or other special occasion, or to let someone dear know he or she is in your thoughts. A tribute gift is also appropriate when you want to thank a doctor, nurse, or other heath professional for exceptional care.

Memorial gifts

Consider a memorial gift when you want to honor the life of someone special who has passed on.  Many families, for instance, establish a memorial in honor of a loved one, and they ask friends and relatives to make gifts to the memorial instead of sending flowers.