Health Equity Initiative

Support health equity - because everyone deserves the opportunity to be healthy.

No matter where you are born, grow, work, live or age, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to be healthy.

Dignity Health Foundation supports health care programs that improve health equity, particularly for our most vulnerable patients. We aim to bolster care for our underserved communities, keeping the healing power of humanity and kindness at the heart of our mission.

With your support, we can make a lasting impact on major social issues facing our communities, including:

  • The serious mental health challenges that face poor communities at far higher rates due to issues like lack of insurance; challenges in taking time off of work, securing child care, or finding transportation; and linguistic and cultural differences.
  • Chronic conditions like asthma and diabetes, diseases that continues to be major burdens where air quality is poor or the ability to find healthy food options is difficult and expensive. 
  • Our poor elderly population that don’t have the family resources and support to address challenges related to prescriptions, in-home care, or transportation.
  • Providing trauma-informed care and support services to those most at risk for experiencing domestic violence, including ethnic minorities, the poor, and homeless.

Hear one person's story

At Dignity Health Foundation, we believe that people who share the same community should all have access to the care and services that contribute to good health. Yet many people face barriers to access due to mental health challenges, lack of insurance, chronic health conditions, social isolation, and other social issues. For more stories like this, please visit our YouTube channel.