What we support

To further Dignity Health’s mission of delivering compassionate, patient-centered health care, our foundation works to inspire bold solutions to health issues in the communities where we are located. We raise vital funds, convene forward-thinking leaders, and catalyze awareness to meet local needs and make global impact.

Our efforts currently focus around the following initiatives:

Health Equity Fund - Dignity Health Foundation

Health Equity

No matter where you are born, grow, work, live or age, we believe every human being deserves the opportunity to be healthy.
Dignity Health Foundation supports programs that improve health equity, particularly for our most vulnerable patients.

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Help support the Dignity Health Concussion Network today.

Dignity Health Concussion Network

Inspired by Barrow Brainbook™, the first and only program to take an athlete-focused approach to concussion education and prevention, this initiative provides students with the training to recognize and respond to concussions.

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Help support maternal mood disorders by donating today.

Postpartum Depression Initiative

Maternal mood disorders not only affect moms and their babies, they have adverse effects on entire families. Dignity Health is developing a Two-Generation Solution based on screening, education and service referrals, so that each generation can thrive.

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You can support Project T.E.A.M. Contact us today to learn more.

Project T.E.A.M.

Technology and Education for Asthma Management (T.E.A.M.) uses innovative mobile and online technologies to help asthma patients manage their symptoms. In collaboration with Propeller Health, the project’s pilot site has already shown positive results.

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A woman in a lab setting peers into a microscope.

Dignity Health Research Institute

Building on a tradition of excellence that dates back more than one hundred years, the Dignity Health Research Institute is focused on connecting the hospitals, patients, and physicians of Dignity Health with the very latest in medical advances.

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For can help support the Human Trafficking Response Program at Dignity Health.

Human Trafficking Response Program

This system-wide initiative trains Dignity Health clinicians to recognize the red flags of human trafficking and provide trauma-informed care to victims so they can restore health and find hope for a safer world.

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Disaster Relief Fund

In times of tremendous hardship - whether natural or caused by the tragic actions of humans - we want to respond quickly and help communities heal. That’s why Dignity Health Foundation has established a Disaster Relief Fund.

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Help bring more dog therapy to patients at Dignity Health by supporting Canine Kindness today.

Canine Kindness

The health benefits of canine companionship are well documented, especially for people facing long-term illness. This program supports canine-handler teams who bring love and healing to patients at Dignity Health hospitals.

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Help support  care for women, children and the elderly; improve quality of life for vulnerable populations; and provide arts education for artists from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds.

Sisters of St. Francis of Penance and Christian Charity

This fund promotes care for women, children and the elderly; improves quality of life for vulnerable populations; and provides arts education for artists from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds.

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